Website for UMPA


UMPA Uus Maa Property Advisors (today known as RESTATE)

Design challenge

How can we design UMPA's presence, so that they stand out from the conservative industry as the front-runner?

Responsibility area

UX and UI design, illustrations and bit of motion design. UX research, strategy, and project management by Xhensila Reci.

RESTATE is an investment management and real estate services partner in the Baltic states. A combination of commercial real estate market shift towards big data automation and ambition to be forward thinking created a need to innovate their digital solutions.
UMPA mobile
Brand plays a significant role in achieving the business goal of attracting new customers. This was always at the core of this project and the reason why we approached this project following the branded interactions design process. Several other UX best practices such as heuristics, service blueprint and brand experience map served well in creating the concept for the data management system.
Provided with insights from user research and pre-analysis, we created the solution concept of an informative customer-facing website with automated tools for property investment evaluations (Investment Calculator), getting a quick market overview (Market Snapshot), and a back-end content management system for handling business-specific data.