Estonian ID-Card App DigiDoc


Information System Authority of the Republic of Estonia

Design challenge

How might we create a unified platform that covers all ID card-related activities, including administrative functionality, document encryption and digital signatures for all ID-card holders in Estonia?

Responsibility area

User research, ideation. The delightful visual design is made by Hedi Haljand. Prototype by Vjatseslav Fjodorov.

DigiDoc is the official application for the citizens, inhabitants and e-residents of Republic of Estonia to use their ID-card electronically:
  1. 1. digitally sign and validate documents
  2. 2. encrypt, decrypt and share documents
  3. 3. manage ID-card and Mobile-ID
Read more about the new v.4 software here.

80% Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS


Estonian, Russian, English


600 000+

The main goal of this project was to design a unified platform for all ID-card holders of Estonia. This means a growing user base of 600 000. The whole design got a direction through defining 5 biggest target groups, including our grandparents and tech-savvy IT-kings.
The biggest challenge here is providing all the necessary functionality for professional users while keeping the UI minimal and understandable for tech-timid users. Some of the solutions included a reviewed terminology and tone of voice, thorough onboarding experience, as well as accessibility considerations.