With over eight years in the industry, I've come to realize what I most enjoy about my work. It's when the desired result is coming together. A product, where the aesthetics complement functionality while fulfilling the business purpose.

The journey to get there is as unique as any design solution. But in overall, it looks like this. I assist your team in developing a solid design plan that takes project constraints into consideration and use a human-centered design framework to guide the process. Once we have gathered insights through user research, we move on to the fun part of concept creation, followed by making the product visually appealing and aligned with your brand.

My experience includes designing a variety of web and mobile apps within the Enterprise, B2B and SaaS industries; as well as govtech services, IoT- and e-commerce solutions. With a background in computer science and numerous collaborative agile projects, I work closely with developers from the beginning to build feasible solutions.

As I believe design thinking and creativity are skills that everyone can adopt, I have taken it upon myself to share my knowledge through various avenues such as a community in Aarhus (Ladies That UX), Digital Nordic Creatives podcast, and private workshops.

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Concept Development

Perhaps you only have a hunch about your product. I will help you clarify and visualise your thoughts.


Ideas need a form. I use modern design tools to make it look like the real product. That way it's easy to gather user feedback.

Visual Design

Aesthetics are more powerful than we often realize. Colors enforce emotions, visual hierarchy helps with decisions, and layout influences choice.

What dreams do you have for your product?

I am a UX designer interested in your story. Tell me about your product and let’s elevate it together.