Website for Spoofy


CGI Estonia (CGI Group)

Responsibility area

Creating the overall concept and structure of the brand new website. Designing a new visual web UI system inspired by the game itself.

Spoofy is an online game where kids learn how to stay safe from risks lurking on the Internet in a joyful and engaging way. It is suitable for kids of all ages and is free to play. This project entailed creating a website for the game.
Mobile view of Spoofy The game is available on Spoofy.ee and on iOS App Store & Google Play.

English, Estonian, Russian

Age group

Pre-schoolers to earlier teens

Spoofy is an online game developed by the CGI Group. It was built for educational purposes with the aim to contribute to a healthier online experience for children.
The website intends to be simple and friendly in its nature. It was designed to be attractive and understandable to children, while also catering to the other two user groups: educators and parents. The simple two-level site hierarchy devotes each user group a page to get necessary information and materials.