Family Doctor Web


Information System Authority of the Republic of Estonia

Design challenge

How might we create an online environment for family doctors and other healthcare professionals to manage patients medical history, all in one place?

Responsibility area

UI/UX Design

Family Doctor is a comprehensive web tool for public healthcare professionals for managing all patient data in one place.
The project started with a thorough analysis of existing systems, mapping out different institutions and roles, and creating user journeys. Based on this research, we developed a concept and a design that uses the Veera public design guide. The final product is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that streamlines the patient data management process and enhances the efficiency of public healthcare professionals. The design also prioritizes data privacy and security, ensuring that sensitive patient information is protected at all times. The design was created to be inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly, with the goal of improving the quality of patient care and outcomes.