MeetFrank App & B2B Web



Design challenge

How might we design for scale as the platfrom opens up worldwide? How might we improve the B2B web for better user retention and real-time opportunities?

Responsibility area

UI/UX design, concept development

MeetFrank is a headhunting app where recruiters can approach candidates with relevant job offers and job-seekers can search through remote offers worldwide.
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Mobile view Available on iOS App Store, Google Play, and meetfrank.com.
A startup aims to scale and fast. We followed the product owner's vision to come up, test and visualise new concepts and product features. Hundreds of mockups were designed and developed at lightning speed over 8 months. Amazing teamwork!
A talent marketplace requires focus on both sides: there's the job seekers' app and the recruiters web. It was important to keep both in mind with each feature. Along the way, we redesigned the B2B web and the app, as well as created new marketing materials.
MeetFrank has had great brand visuals since the start. While working on the UI, we started creating an updated design system in Figma so that work could be even faster than before with auto-layout and components.