No Zebra ApS for Nordisk Company A/S

Design challenge

Creating a redesign concept for Nordisk.eu.

Responsibility area

UI design, animations

Nordisk is a Danish outdoors equipment brand with primary markets in Europe and Asia. Nordisk has a 100-year legacy of Scandinavian design, focusing on durable and innovative materials in their two main product lines: tents and sleeping bags.
Renewed ecommerce concept.

One of the core values of Nordisk is the focus on true Scandinavian design: clean, simple, and minimal.

Technical and innovative

Nordisk guarantees the quality of all of their materials that are technically innovative and continuously tested and improved.


The 100-year of history of delivering trustworthy quality represent professionalism that has to reflect in their website design.

The new design has to represent Nordisk’s core values:
1. 100 years of Scandinavian design legacy and delivering quality.

The layout is kept structured and minimalistic, the usage of smooth and subtle interactions reflect quality, professionalism, and taste. The animations are not too noisy, but rather focused on details.

2. Innovative, durable and high-tech materials.

Product page is thorough and technical with 360 view, outlined illustrations, video etc but all the information is shown on 3 scrollable pages step by step: progressive disclosure. Some of the longer text collapses while scrolling, so that the content stays comprehensible and gives an easy overview. Ends with a clear CTA.

3. Closeness to nature and suitable for all weather conditions.

Large imagery that makes you feel a part of the experience. Usage of cinemagraphs and animations on images takes a step further, grabs attention and thus gives a more authentic feeling of being in the nature.