UMPA's Website


UMPA Uus Maa Property Advisors (today known as RESTATE)

Design challenge

How can we digitalize UMPA's presence, so that they attract new leads? How can we automate data management, so that it becomes less time-consuming?

Responsibility area

User experience and interface design, illustrations and bit of motion design.
User research conducted by co-designer Xhensila Reci.

Business design is more than a feeling: it is a CEO-level priority for growth and long-term performance. One of the companies who understood this was UMPA, commercial real estate investment advisory operating in the Baltics.

A combination of commercial real estate market shift towards big data automation and ambition to be forward thinking has created a need for UMPA to innovate their digital solutions.

UMPA mobile The design is created responsively across devices.
Brand plays a significant role in achieving the business goal of attracting new customers, which the management wishes to achieve through a more meaningful digital presence. This was always at the core of this project.
"Digital design is like painting that never dries," said someone smart. After the initial designs, UMPA team decided to jump all in and change their name and logo. The new CVI introduced an energetic orange and sharp elements and their new name became 'RESTATE!'. I then redesigned the website using the same underlying principles and illustrations. Check it out on RESTATE.ee.
With an aspiration to push the industry forward, the company helps to flourish the small country’s real estate sector. By setting a strong example, they are investing in the future of Baltics and we were honored to be part of it.