TravelSim App


TravelSim by Top Connect

Design challenge

How might we make it really easy for travellers to recharge their SIM card abroad?

Responsibility area

Concept generation, UX and UI design.

TravelSim gives frequent travellers an opportunity to save up to 80% on their roaming fees with SIM cards that work in a wide range of countries. They offer both virtual (eSIM) and physical SIM cards.
Available in iOS App Store and Google Play.

Progressive Web Application


English, French, Italian, German


40 000 monthly

The goal of this app is to give an easy way for the users to manage their TravelSim cards. The client's market position is strong, as is their brand name. The design solution kept much of the symbolic orange and blue combination and used their logo as a way to bring a fun visual communicative element.
We simplified greatly their purchasing flow, limiting the visible options while keeping the flexibility. This way the user doesn't need to think that much and get confused of all the options.