Digital Nordic Creatives


Personal project

Design challenges

How might we create an educating and entertaining platform, that engages the users in a timeframe of less than thirty minutes?

How might we create a create a brand that young creatives find appealing?

Responsibility area

Research, ideation, design and brand system

Digital Nordic Creatives is a podcast that aims to connect design aspirants with experienced professionals. It is a series of talks with creatives about their career, experiences, current projects and advice for the beginners in the field.
The first episode was released in February 2018. Listen on Soundcloud.

Website, SoundCloud, iTunes, PodBean, YouTube



To gather deep insights of the podcast market, the team conducted desk- and competitive analysis. The ‘Service Startup’s workbooks for Hero profiles, quests and MVS journey were used as consequent steps of getting an understanding of how the potential customers would interact with the service provided before, during and after each touchpoint.
Most of interviewed design beginners listen to podcasts when they want to learn something new, need to be inspired or relax, which is why they are looking for educative content with entertaining highlights. The majority wants to listen to personal stories. Significant interest was expressed for reaching design professionals and getting tips and tricks for future. In February 2018, a pilot episode with Helle Jensen from Creuna was released that gave the team invaluable feedback for upcoming episodes.