I am here to design digital solutions that matter for people. With a background in both computer science and design, I aim to create digital products where the aesthetics complement functionality while fulfilling the business purpose. Previously, I have designed everything from apps for seed startups, complex information systems for governmental institutions, to fun IoT solutions as school projects.

Since design thinking and creativity is something everyone can adopt, I have taken myself a mission to spread the knowledge with a community in Aarhus (Ladies That UX), Digital Nordic Creatives podcast and private workshops.


Digital Concept Development in Business Academy Aarhus


Computer Science in Tallinn University of Technology


Graphic Design Course in Estonian Academy of Arts

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I regard branding as putting a soul into a digital product. The key to creating a longlasting brand is listening.

Concept Development

It happens often that you only have a hunch about your product. I will help you clarify, prototype, and visualise your thoughts.

Visual Design

Aesthetics are more powerful than we often realize. Colors bring out emotions, visual hierarchy can help you decide, and layout can help you choose.

Tell me your story

What gets you out of bed in the morning — unfinished chocolate cake, grandma’s birthday, your new fintech startup?

I am a digital designer interested in your story. Tell me what thrives you and let’s make an impact together.